24/7 NICU Support Community

Having your baby in the NICU or PICU can bring on overwhelming waves of loneliness and guilt. Unless you have family and friends who have had a NICU journey of their own, they may not understand what you're juggling.

We understand from speaking to hundreds of mothers who have had a NICU journey, that it’s nice to talk to someone who can listen, offer support and share what worked for them.

We believe strongly in the power of community and connecting with fellow NICU moms can be a great source of comfort and healing. You shouldn't climb Mount Motherhood alone.

We're Here to Help You:
  • Gain confidence in who you are in order to give your family your best self.
  • Connect with other moms from all over the country currently balancing life in the NICU/PICU.
  • Learn from other moms who may be a few steps ahead of your journey and support each other.
  • Feel empowered as you learn to overcome the everyday challenges of motherhood in the NICU/PICU.

Your Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Your choice of one weekly video/call-in group meeting per week (we offer 3 meetings per week)
  • Connect with moms from all over the country 24/7 in a private, safe and positive virtual space
  • Weekly motivational affirmations via text
  • The ultimate opportunity to forge lifelong friendships

After you subscribe, you will receive a welcome email packet and your personal community leader will text you to introduce herself and grant you access to our private virtual meeting rooms to begin connecting with other moms.

This membership is month-to-month and you are automatically billed each month on your sign-up date. (Example: You joined us on December 13th, you will be billed again on January 13th)

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ's or email us at hello@mountmotherhood.com