2020 Weekly Planner


Need to break the year up into manageable, bite-sized pieces? Designed for mothers raising a child with a medical diagnosis, this planner will help you achieve all that you know you are capable of! We believe in you. You deserve to believe in yourself.

Our decision to only include the first six months of the year was intentional because we know that all of us are in a season of constant change. A lot can happen in the first six months of the year that change the course of the last six months of the year. Doctors change, therapists change, medical needs change, children develop, families grow and mothers transform.

Our planner series gives you the space and support you need to thrive through your season of change. This planner allows you to break down your life and goals into small bite-size pieces so that overcoming what seems impossible becomes less overwhelming and 100% possible.

Drop this book into your purse, your backpack, your car... take it with you everywhere. It's filled with information you need every day. It will keep you on track and remind you of exactly what you should be doing each day, along with a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to keep you going. Plus, you’ll want to check in with yourself because this planner makes you a priority, too.


  • Complete Awareness Holiday Calendar
  • Monthly & Weekly Planning Pages
  • Medical Contacts Directory
  • Insurance Information Directory
  • Medical Supplier Directory
  • 90-Day Goal Setting Worksheet with Monthly Checkpoints
  • Monthly Budget
  • Monthly Medical Supplies Inventory
  • Monthly At-Home Medical Notes/Observations Note Pages
  • Complete Meal Planning (PLUS: Kitchen Inventory and Shopping Lists)
  • Weekly Personal Development Pages


  • Timeline: This planner begins on December 30, 2019, and ends on July 5, 2020
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 9 in
  • Softcover, matte finish
  • 320 pages
  • Weight: Just under 1 pound


  • You, our new friend.
  • The mom that you pass in the NICU each morning as you check-in.
  • The mom with fear in her eyes as her baby is discharged from a 140+ day NICU stay.
  • The mom who just delivered her baby at 24 weeks and 3 days.
  • The mom who just learned of her child’s diagnosis at her 20-week anatomy scan.
  • The mom with a trach baby who finds herself drowning in medical supplies
  • The single mom juggling work, caring for her toddler and her NICU warrior.
  • The mom who is fighting alongside her child just diagnosed with cancer.
  • The mom still looking for a doctor to officially diagnose her child.
  • The mom advocating for her child during their IEP meetings.
  • The mom in the NICU curled up in a chair trying to sleep despite the rhythmic beeping.
  • The working mom trying not to get fired because she keeps requesting time off.
  • The stay-at-home mom fighting the guilt for not giving her other children as much attention as their medically fragile sibling.
  • The mom looking for ways to take care of herself but doesn’t know where to start.
  • The mom who everyone thinks is a nurse.
  • The mom who wants to fight for her life as hard as her child is fighting for theirs.