Mount Motherhood

I evolve each day as a mother and couldn’t my help but feel that our business needed to evolve as well. We have taken the time to reevaluate everything we are doing to make sure we are staying true to our mission and staying true to you, our community. As we looked at everything we have created, we realized we needed to make a few changes in order to achieve our goals.

Change 1️⃣: We are now Mount Motherhood -Made to Mother. is a name that I still hold very dearly, it’s the name that started it all, but like you and me, it needed to grow and evolve in order to reach its full potential. Why Mount Motherhood? As mom’s, we are the center of our families world - we wear every hat and sometimes carry the most weight on our shoulders. But every mom needs the support to continue this daily grind. Every mom deserves the support to help them be the best version of themselves. We want Mount Motherhoodr to be the support every mom needs by offering essentials that make your job easier in our shop, hosting local events so come together as a community, not just an online community and to inspire others through our podcast. 

Change 2️⃣: With over 60 episodes, our podcast will also be renamed to Climbing Mount Motherhood. The stories we tell will not change, they will only become more representative of EVERY stage a family goes through with their child’s medical diagnosis. We are so passionate about you all and really believe that your stories should be heard around the world. We are always thinking of new ways for more people to listen to your stories and after lots of strategic marketing, we decided on the name change.

We have so much more in store for everyone including a new bag release and more events including our second Self-Care Saturday event on September 28th at Row House Foothills ranch! 

We are a movement that is here to support moms.