We’re Samantha and Ivan, a husband a wife team that believes in bringing people together, giving back, and creating products that are both functional and practical. The Baby Nation started off as a podcast recorded from a small corner in our apartment, late at night, after our then 6-month-old daughter Evita went to sleep. Although we still operate out of a small space in our 1,000 sq. ft apartment, today, Mount Motherhood™ has evolved into a movement that empowers mothers raising children with a medical diagnosis.


In 2016, our nephew was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and spent his first six weeks of life in the NICU. We saw the different stages that his parents had to overcome as they tried to navigate the natural trials of parenthood mixed with letting go of the dreams they originally had for their son and replacing them with new dreams.

Going through this journey alone and pushing past all of the guilt, opinions and medical jargon can be exhausting and defeating. We saw the need for a supportive community where these parents had a place to connect with others in similar situations. This community could share each child’s story, and help to advocate for an amazing life for their children.

i am made to mother IS EXACTLY THAT...

Every week, we share stories from families who have been through the journey of having a child with a medical diagnosis and everything that it entails. We talk about the ups and downs, the commonalities that every family shares, and provide a place for families to lift each other up with their new normal.

To further maximize our impact and grow a truly inclusive community, we design and curate products that offer moms a new standard in function. Our bags, grab bags and inspirational wearables are designed for mothers looking for simple yet elegant styles and are meant for mothers who value a sense of community and want to be a part of a greater conversation. 


The Mount Motherhood Fund was created to even further contribute to the lives of children currently hospitalized due to a medical diagnosis. Twenty percent (20%) of profit from the sale of all products are given to support our nonprofit partners and their mission.