#50 - Happy Birthday Grady

March 24, 2018

#50 - Happy Birthday Grady

In today’s episode, we chat with Stephanie, who shares the story of her son Grady, who will celebrate his first birthday today, Saturday, March 24th!

Through this interview, Stephanie talks about her son’s diagnosis of Osteogenesis imperfecta Type 3, also referred to as OI or brittle bone disease. She mentions how connecting with other parents through Facebook groups has helped her tremendously.

Stephanie also describes the bond between Grady and his older brother Gavin, who wants to be a bone doctor when he grows up.

Stephanie also shares her love for Little Warrior Clothing and recommends them to all parents who want to spread awareness while empowering their children.

You can follow Grady and his journey on instagram @GradyQuintal. 

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