Episode 45 - Sunny Jewel

February 19, 2018

Episode 45 - Sunny Jewel

In today’s episode, we chat with Jacqueline and Bobby about their 4.5-year-old daughter Sunny. Just past her 2-year mark, Sunny was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. In this interview, the couple talks about how they originally kept quiet about Sunny’s delayed milestones.

After receiving the diagnosis, Jacqueline and Bobby connected with other parents online and they’ve stayed very active in raising awareness. The family even travels to Jackson Memorial Hospital every year to share their knowledge with 200 doctors. Also in this episode Jacqueline shares two of her inspirations - Courtney Westlake (@cwestlake) and the Jessica Clinton Foundation. The couple describes Sunny as an outgoing girl who loves to dance and sing. 

Be sure to follow Sunny and her family on Instagram @jacqueline_dobbs!

Sunny Jewel