Episode 40 - She's Just So Extra

February 01, 2018

Episode 40 - She's Just So Extra

In today’s episode, we chat with Caitlyn and Nick about their 5-month-old daughter Chloe. Prior to the arrival of Chloe, Caitlyn had been teaching high schoolers who had moderate to severe cognitive and physical disabilities. When Chloe was diagnosed with Down syndrome at the time of her birth, Caitlyn and Nick took the shocking news in stride with steadiness and positivity.

In this interview, the couple talk about how they're learning a lot from a home teacher and how grateful they are for the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (@thedsdn). In this interview, Caitlyn and Nick mention how Chloe has been busy babbling and they know she’s going to be a big talker. They also describe how their daughter is very good at reading people and gives anyone a big smile if she sees they’re sad.

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