Episode 39 - I Am Sheriauna

January 29, 2018

Episode 39 - I Am Sheriauna

In today’s episode, we are honored to share a conversation with Sherylee and her daughter Sheriauna. Now 11 years old, Sheriauna has inspired many people as she persists and overcomes the challenges she faces after being born without her left hand. In this interview, we talk about two of her favorite passions - dancing and gymnastics.

Sherylee describes her daughter as exceptional and the kindest person. Also in this episode, we discuss the book Sherylee wrote called “I am Sheriauna” and how the mother and daughter will combine their talents on the 2nd book of the series! You’ll want to listen to this one from start to finish because Sheriauna passes along some amazing advice in the final moments… “In a world full of 10s, be an 11!” 

Be sure to follow their story on Instagram @iamsheriauna! Also, check out the resource that Sherylee mentioned early in the interview called The War Amps and Lucky Fin Project