Episode 38 - Haley The Happy Warrior

January 25, 2018

Episode 38 - Haley The Happy Warrior

In today’s episode, we chat with Meagan and Josh about their 5-month-old girl Haley. After suffering from heart failure at 9 days old, Haley was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (CHD). She had her surgery just 6 days later and started her recovery.

Meagan and Josh mention that another parent in the hospital showed them the Heartpedia app (created by @cincychildrens), which helped them look at 3D visuals of the defect. The couple also relied on their family support system to keep everything balanced at home with their two boys Luke and Cal.

In our conversation, Meagan and Josh describe Haley as the happiest baby who has a smile that lights up the room. In October, the couple’s friends donated to support the Children’s Heart Foundation and they’ve also connected Haley with Save The Heartbeat, a non-profit in California that is raising awareness for CHD. 

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