Episode 37 - Be The Match for Maelin-Kate

January 22, 2018

Episode 37 - Be The Match for Maelin-Kate

In this episode, we are excited to share our conversation with Megan and Paul in partnership with Be The Match. Already with four boys, the couple adopted a three-year-old girl named Maelin-Kate. After an 18-month adoption process, Megan and Paul traveled home with their daughter from China who was soon after diagnosed with a blood disorder called Fanconi Anemia.

As Maelin-Kate is adopted, there are no possible donors in her immediate family, so the Be The Match Registry is her only option for finding a match. Megan and Paul talk about how easy it is for a person to join the Registry online. All it takes is ordering a free join kit and submitting a simple swab of your cheek. As Paul describes in this interview, it’s probably the easiest way to save someone’s life.

Three-year-old Maelin-Kate is described as super smart and having taken a liking to dress-up, music, and the outdoors. She has also developed a very special bond with her four brothers who have helped her adjust quickly to her new home. 

Want to help Maelin-Kate and hundreds more children waiting for a donor? Sign up with the Be The Match Registry as a potential donor TODAY! 

Maelin Kate