Episode 34 - Theo Strong

January 11, 2018

Episode 34 - Theo Strong

In today’s interview, we chat with Micheleen and Tyler about their 2-month-old son Theodore. Arriving on November 5th, 2017, Theodore is a heart warrior who was born with HLHS. Micheleen and Tyler talk about how Instagram and Facebook parents served as great resources early on.

The couple also stresses the importance of staying positive and they discuss how they balance each other’s strengths when taking in all of the medical information. In the interview, Micheleen and Tyler take the opportunity to highlight the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (@nicklaus4kids) staff, nurses, and doctors.

Also, you’ll learn how the family’s YouCaring page has offset everyday expenses such as food and transportation after the relocated to be close to the hospital. Be sure to follow the couple on Instagram @MicheleenClancy and @hartrick!