Episode 31 - Elliott, a Heart Warrior

December 28, 2017

Episode 31 - Elliott, a Heart Warrior

In today’s episode, we are excited to share a conversation with Raquel about her 2-year-old son Elliott. After a shocking diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy in Spring of 2017, Elliott endured a 4-month wait for a donor match before getting his heart transplant on August 22nd.

Raquel shares details of the music therapy that helped Elliott feel more comfortable in the hospital and how the Once Upon a Room organization decorated his room in a Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme. She describes Elliott as sweet, affectionate, and a fan of all types of cars and trucks. Raquel is grateful that she followed her gut when her pediatrician suggested a trip to the hospital when there were early hints that something was wrong.

You’ll want to listen to this episode from start to finish as there are plenty of useful tips that Raquel shares for parents being faced with a similar whirlwind of a diagnosis. You can follow Raquel on Instagram @raquel_fletcher!