Episode 29 - The Zebra Mom

December 21, 2017

Episode 29 - The Zebra Mom

In today’s episode, we chat with Evie as she details the ups and downs as she and her two children Alex and Olivia deal with Ehlers Danlos syndrome (or EDS) . In this interview, Evie provides a wide range of wise takeaways, including advice to people just learning of a diagnosis of an invisible illness. Despite the need to travel out of their home country Ireland to receive the appropriate care, Evie and her family remain strong. Evie’s husband even won a regional Carer of the Year award!

In talking about her two children, Evie describes Alex as incredibly intelligent with his favorite books being encyclopedias. Olivia loves makeup, dancing and dressing up. After listening to this episode, Evie’s blog is a great resource to learn more… she was previously a journalist and her writing skills have helped to raise awareness for EDS. 

What's the significance of the zebra? It's the international symbol of rare diseases. Follow the family on Instagram @thezebramom! You can also support by sharing their GoFundMe page.

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