Episode 26 - Gold by Moonlight

December 12, 2017

Episode 26 - Gold by Moonlight

In today’s episode, we chat with Erin about her 1-year-old twins Charlie and Jack, who made the Newton family a party of six. Born as micro preemies at 27 weeks, the family battled through an extended stay in the NICU. As a parent, Erin credits journaling and professional counseling as being two keys to coping during the NICU time. She also talks about the community of friends and hospital staff that proved crucial to the family’s success in making it home with their two boys.

With Charlie being dependent on a trach and ventilator, Erin connected with other moms on Instagram to answer questions and to gain extra support. Now, one of Erin’s favorite highlights is seeing her two older kids wake up and rush to Charlie to say good morning. The family essentially skipped Thanksgiving and Christmas last year so their winter holidays are extra warm this time around. Erin recognizes how many families, children, and hospital staff don’t have the luxury of being home at this time of year and she gives a wonderful salute to those folks in this episode. 

Be sure to follow Charlie's story on Instagram @goldbymoonlight and you can also check out Erin's blog at erincnewton.com

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