Episode 24 - Montanos Making Lemonade

December 04, 2017

Episode 24 - Montanos Making Lemonade

In this episode, we chat with Ashley and Al about their two children, six-year-old Ryder and two-year-old Harper. Four years ago, the family learned of Ryder’s diagnosis of Williams Syndrome. Within the last month, Harper began autism spectrum therapy.

Ashley and Al share the ups and downs of the last four years, talking about Ryder’s strength and the recent progress he’s made in school and therapy with music being especially beneficial. Ashley also describes the couple’s gratefulness for the little moments that might have been unappreciated before the diagnosis and how trusting her gut helped attain a second evaluation for Harper. In this episode, the couple highlights how they’ve grown in navigating the many medical issues. 

Be sure to check out Ashley's Instagram page @_ashleymontano, Ryder's Facebook page at facebook.com/hopeforryder, and stay tuned for the family's upcoming blog titled "Montanos Making Lemonade."

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