Episode 18 - Tough as a Hazelnut

November 13, 2017

Episode 18 - Tough as a Hazelnut

In this episode, we feature the heartwarming story of Hazel, a 1-year-old girl who was born as a micro preemie, weighing less than a pound at 14 ounces. Through this conversation, Hazel’s mother Ashley talks about the life-threatening pregnancy complication she dealt with and then her daughter’s 175 days in the NICU.

Ashley also describes how the Hazelnut nickname came about, the ups and downs of the at-home oxygen program that Hazel needed, and the impressive weight gain that has happened since the procedure that closed Hazel’s PDA. This month, there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate. Hazel turned 1 on November 7th and World Preemie Day is coming up on November 17th.

Follow Hazel's story on Instagram @hazelandmama! Also, be sure to check out Ashley's guest blog post on shegotguts.com - it was posted on Hazel's birthday!

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