Episode 15 - Tiny Superheroes

November 02, 2017

Episode 15 - Tiny Superheroes

In today’s episode, we are honored to share the story of Tiny Superheroes, an amazing organization that empowers kids to overcome illness or disability. We chatted with the founder Robyn, who has built the Tiny Superheroes squad to 12,000 children all over the world. The first cape she made went to @cwestlake's daughter Brenna.

Also in this episode, Robyn offers advice to beginner entrepreneurs and talks about quitting her job to scale the business, giving credit to 6 volunteers, and the transition from for-profit to non-profit. The Tiny Superheroes network has taught Robyn to be grateful no matter the circumstances and to celebrate the things that we’re usually afraid to talk about. To close out the show, she challenges you to go to tinysuperheroes.com to sponsor a cape today! 

Robyn shares plenty of resources, including two valuable products for her children: the Chicken Flings from the Dollar Store and PLAE shoes. She also talked about a few of her mentors, including Paralympic Gold Medalist @alanathejane. Be sure to follow @thetinysuperheroes and check out their bedtime reading sessions on Tuesday through Facebook Live!

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