Episode 13 - It's a Bella Zoey

October 26, 2017

Episode 13 - It's a Bella Zoey

In this episode, we chat with Sasha about her youngest child, a 7-year-old girl named Zoey who has Down syndrome. Zoey is described by her mom as sweet, sassy, authentic and 100% herself. She even earned a spot in her town’s ad campaign that is titled Be Yourself. Zoey is 100% excited about becoming an older sister and in this conversation, Sasha shares details of the family’s journey to adopt Ruby, a young girl from China who also has Down syndrome. On the day this episode airs, October 26, Sasha is actually flying to China to pickup Ruby.

This episode is another great way to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month! Sasha mentioned plenty of resources, including the Down Syndrome Information Alliance, the Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Grant Foundation, and the book Mine in China

You can follow Sasha, Zoey and the rest of the family on Instagram @Itsabellazoey. Also, be sure to check out Sasha's new vlog titled The Mama Show!

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