#54 - Amy's Serenity

April 19, 2018

#54 - Amy's Serenity

In today’s episode, we honor Amy's daughter Serenity. Due to a rare birth defect called anencephaly, Serenity was stillborn.

In this episode, Amy talks about strength, raising awareness and the grieving process since her beloved Serenity gained her wings in February 2018. Amy wants her daughter's story to let people know there is a light to be found even in the darkest of situations.

During this interview, Amy talks about one of the routines that have helped her… writing to Serenity in a journal. A therapy that keeps them connected. Amy also took the opportunity to be with Serenity in the comfort of their home for a few days after being discharged from the hospital. These days were precious to Amy and her family as it gave them a chance to experience Serenity and her peaceful smile at their pace.

Amy also talks about the parents she connected with on Facebook during her pregnancy to help her through Serenity's diagnosis. 

On a mission to raise awareness for anencephaly, Amy was recently a part of a documentary. We will keep you all updated on its release date.

Be sure to follow Amy's Instagram @pinkstarburst29 and visit anencephaly.infoto learn more about this diagnosis.