Ep. 79 - Finding Balance as a Special Needs Parent

November 29, 2019

Ep. 79 - Finding Balance as a Special Needs Parent

Welcome to episode #79 of the Mount Motherhood Podcast.

In today’s episode, we bring you the story of Sara England, mother to three children, including Sam who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and because he was born prematurely, had a 147 NICU stay. This episode is all about finding balance. When Sam was born prematurely, Sara was already in mommy mode with two toddlers. She shares how she made each day work during their five-month stay in the NICU, but also shares how she found new ways to thrive in her new normal and not just survive each day as the needs of her family changed over time. In addition, Sara talks about the reality of being discharged from the NICU and speaks to the power of decompressing and giving yourself guiltless time to away to recenter yourself as a coping strategy to the stress that comes from becoming a caregiver on top of mom. This episode is a real-life testimonial of what many families face when their child is medically diagnosed and offers many solutions that she found to be the most helpful.

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you can also reach Sara directly through email at saraengland12@gmail.com or DM her on Instagram. 

Books mentioned:

The Lucky Few

Rachel Hollis

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