Ep. 78 - Mother of 10 and Special Needs Adoption

November 28, 2019

Ep. 78 - Mother of 10 and Special Needs Adoption

Welcome to episode #78 of the Mount Motherhood Podcast.

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Carla, mother to 10 children, four of which she internationally adopted using Reece's Rainbow. Today's episode is a celebration of the work Carla has done helping other families adopt children with special needs abroad, but also a celebration of her son Henry who became an angel in heaven 7 years ago today. Carla walks us through her adoption process with henry which took 7 months and how his passing impacted her family and the ways in which her children coped with his loss. She also speaks of her adoption to 3 other children who were siblings and how they integrated with their forever family. She also shares the support Reeces Rainbow offers families wanting to adopt a child with special needs abroad and shed light on a number of other resources for families exploring adoption. 

You can follow Carla on HERE and Reece's Rainbow HERE.

Visit Reece's Rainbow HERE for information on children looking for their forever family.

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