Ep. 77 - Coping in the NICU

November 27, 2019

Ep. 77 - Coping in the NICU

Welcome to episode #77 of the Mount Motherhood Podcast.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Evelyn Gama, LCSW.

Evelyn Gama is a perinatal mental health therapist in NYC with an LCSW from Columbia University. Evelyn has a private practice on the Upper West Side and in midtown Manhattan. In addition, Evelyn works in the outpatient program at The Motherhood Center which is an innovative day treatment and outpatient program helping parents with perinatal mood disorders.

Evelyn is also the mom of two wonderful boys who are now 4 and 2. One of Evelyn's sons was a NICU baby, born at 26 weeks so she understands first hand the challenges of being a NICU mom. Evelyn also serves on the Family Advisory Council for the NICU at Mount Sinai West in NYC. 

In this three-part series, Evelyn focuses on three topics: Coping in the NICU, Perinatal Mood Disorders and the NICU, and Relationships and the NICU: Staying Connected.

Today's episode is all about Coping in the NICU. 

Evelyn answers questions specifically about:
  • How to prepare if you know you’ll have a NICU stay.
  • How to cope with an unexpected NICU stay
  • Supports in the NICU
  • Online supports
  • Building and communicating with your support system
  • Bonding in the NICU
  • Transitioning home from the NICU

If you are looking for a therapist or need help finding someone local to you, reach Evelyn Gama directly HERE.

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Books Mentioned:

Brene Brown

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*Disclaimer: The reality of Mount Motherhood is that we sometimes have to record podcasts with toddlers around to accommodate all of our guests' schedules.