Ep. 61: The Story of Kenai

December 20, 2018

Ep. 61: The Story of Kenai

In this episode of the Baby Nation Show, we chat with Cassie, the mother of 5 kids, including 2-year-old Kenai.

We recorded this episode back in October, just a few days shy of Kenai’s birthday.

In 2016, Kenai was born with several heart defects and through this interview, Cassie talks about how her son has battled many hurdles in his f

irst two years of life.

She describes him as positive, funny, and mentions that he likes to roughhouse and knock his toys down.

Cassie also gives a shout out to Heart Heroes, who donated a cape to Kenai, and Littlest Warriors for their wonderful messages on different shirts that Kenai wears.

You can follow the family's story on Instagram @kassystu!