Starting Where You Are

August 28, 2019

Starting Where You Are

So often when we hear “self-care” we reflexively respond with an involuntary eye roll.  Who has time for that?! If we are totally drowning in this season of motherhood, we can’t imagine finding time for self-care. We can’t imagine sneaking in a shower or solo bathroom break, let alone spa days and bubble baths. It feels impossible and out of reach. When we need it most, we can’t see a way to make it happen so we do nothing and hope we’ll survive.

There’s another way. Yes, you need a break, a real break to rest, recharge, and remember you’re a human and not an on-demand dairy cow, but maybe that’s really not possible right now. Instead of giving up, start where you are. 

Self-care is a mindset.

Shift your mindset and think of self-care differently.Self-care is about doing what you can, where you are, to care for yourself. Maybe that means letting the baby cry an extra 3 minutes so you can go to the bathroom alone. Maybe it’s taking a few minutes after your shower to put on some good lotion and connect with your body. Maybe it’s just slowing down, chewing, and really eating your meal instead of juggling a toddler on one hip while eating (and not tasting) his leftover cold chicken nuggets.

Self-care is not necessarily about doing different things, it’s about doing things differently. How can you be present in your life?  Where can you add a small break, a breath, or a connection with your body to ground you? When we bring ourselves back to the present moment and make even the smallest efforts to care for ourselves, we feel better. 

Carry that mindset forward, always look for ways to nourish and recharge your soul, even in the most trying of times. Know you are worth it. Know it is up to you and you alone to care for your baby’s momma.  She needs to feel her best to be the best mother she can be. Give her what you can, when you can, and make asking her what she needs and wants a priority.
Start where you are. Do what you can. Build new habits and continually invest in your own well being.


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