August 14, 2019


When is the last time you asked yourself “how are you doing?” When’s the last time you recognized a need and then made time to fill it? Not very recently (or often) I’m guessing.

We are so busy, that making time to check in with ourselves falls to the very bottom of our priority list, where it basically hangs out for a decade or so. There is always something seemingly more important and pressing demanding our time and attention.

Our lives are noisy. Kids are noisy. Demands are constantly barking at as. Guilt whispers constantly and self-doubt runs rampant through our minds. We cannot hear ourselves think over all the noise.We’ve lost the connection with who we are, what we want, and what we need.

Your relationship with yourself is just that, a relationship. It has to be nurtured, prioritized, and valued if it’s going to thrive. You wouldn’t ditch a friend for years, tell her she didn’t matter, ignore her pleas for time and attention and then be surprised when she disappeared.

Who YOU are matters.You are a mother but you were a woman first, and you'll be a woman long after your kids are grown. You are not the woman you once were, she no longer exists but you are so much more than a mom.

When we lose our connection with who we are, a void is created. A gaping hole where our sense of self, used to live now remains. We're vulnerable. Vulnerable to excessive sadness, loneliness, self-doubt, critical thoughts, and negativity. We're not strong enough to fight off the doubts and fears because our pillar of inner strength has been fractured.

A woman with a strong connection to herself is clear on her value, on her purpose and doesn't doubt or second guess herself.  She makes time for her needs, she says no to that which doesn't serve her, she doesn't parent or make decisions out of fear, and she trusts herself above all else.  

Isn't it time to bring the woman you are back to life?  Isn't it time to reconnect with who you are, so you can be the mom you want to be?  

It begins by quieting all the outside voices so we can hear our own again. ~ Emilie

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